Before leaving, Kleta revealed to Kassandra that the Tempest was her daughter Phila. [100], In Krete, Kassandra went to the ruins of Knossos Palace. [141], Natakas sent Kasandra to find one of his informants in the Swamps of Thermes. [113] Returning to the Adrestia, she made Herodotos and Barnabas promise to never talk about the Atlantis to anyone. She accepted and went to Messenia. Kassandra assassinated him and found on his body a letter from the Ancient Nestor, the captain of the Formidable which patrolled the water of Achaia to blockade the region. If the player chooses Alexios as the protagonist then he and Kassandra's roles in the story are reversed, with Kassandra becoming Alexios' younger sister. Making her way to the beach, Kassandra stealthily dealt with the thugs and freed Phoibe. [49][50] Kassandra also burnt one of the Monger warehouse to stop his smuggling but was trapped by the guards. One of the most notable people she provided the vocals for was Helen, who ran the brothel in Herakleion. [134], Darius explained to Kassandra that the Huntsman was the Magi of the Order of Hunters, a branch of the Ancients. Biographical information He explained that he was paid by the Cult to recover an artifact and that he killed the monster with his spear after it killed his friends. Kassandra ( Κασσανδρα ), also known as the Misthios (English: Mercenary ), the Eagle-Bearer, the Child of Zeus or West Wind , is the main protagonist in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. With all the fleet destroyed, Kassandra located their Sage the Hydra near the coasts of Messenia. Arriving in the Lair of the Sphinx, he informed her that his apprentice Pibos had the other half of the medallion but he disappeared. Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad was the very first Assassin we played as in the original Assassin's Creed game. Chrysis proposed Kassandra join her family but she refused. The population was tired of Perikles' strategy to wait behind the walls of the city until the enemies left. 1 Biography 1.1 Assassin's Creed 2 Assassin's Creed works 3 References 4 External links In Assassin's Creed… [144], During her time in Makedonia, Kassandra saved Ide, a friend of Natakas who was imprisoned in military camp. Kassandra saved her and learnt that it was the plan of Melite, a Cultist. It was also the reason why she had some unusual powers, such as being able to see through the eyes of an eagle. After the vote, Kassandra met the philosopher Sokrates who questioned her about her choices. [117] Arriving in Mykonos, she accepted to help them but discovered that Podarkes was Kyra's father. [47] She recovered his sword and his armor. Speaking of the lack of a Bull-related set, … He indicated to her the location of his last gift on Achaia shore. [30] Kassandra also saved Metiochos, who was captured by thugs and left in his house to be killed by poisonous snakes. While she discussed with her brother, Kleon entered and revealed he was the Sage of the Delian League and ordered the murder of Perikles. Willing to go to extreme lengths to earn it, Kassandra had no qualms about choosing sides in battle. Chrysis explained that she rose Alexios as her son and tortured him into becoming the weapon of the Cult. When she met Kassandra, she understood she could end the Cult. [68] Arriving in the Sanctuary of Olympia, Kassandra participated in the rituals of Olympic Games with Barnabas. Collecting it, Kassandra met in person Aiantides who thanked her for liberating his aunt at the Teichos of Herakles. As shown in the Legacy of the First Blade DLC, the co-founder of the Hidden Ones, Aya (or Amunet), was a descendent of Kassandra. I also enjoy playing as a female Assassin, something we haven't had a ton of chances to do in this franchise. Kassandra is one of two selectable protagonists in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, alongside Alexios. During the fight, Brasidas was wounded by Deimos who then attacked Kassandra. This article is in need of more images and/or better quality pictures in order to achieve a higher status. On the Adrestia, Kassandra spoke to Aspasia about the clues she found on her mother. [91], Returning in Sparta, Kassandra told to her mother what happened in Amphipolis and the undetermined fate of Alexios. For her opposition against the Cult and the Order, Kassandra is considered one of the early precursors to the Assassin Brotherhood.[3]. After a fight, Kleon tried to convince Kassandra to join the Cult but she killed him. [148] Later, Kassandra found another letter from Aiantides who wanted to pay his debt to the misthios as she had saved his brother at the farm during the ceremony led by the Conspirator. Natakas tried to secure a boat to escape from the blockade in Patrai but he never returned. He reassured her that there still hope in a faction inspired by her. Kassandra discovered that the thugs were poor people manipulated by a mercenary to kill Metiochos. Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Coming across Markos in his new vineyard, Kassandra expressed her disbelief at his purchase of the vineyard even though he still owed her drachmae. She is voiced by Melissanthi Mahut, and Maria Syrgiannis young… [103], As she searched for Ardos' caretaker, Kassandra fell in a trap of the Cult but defeated them. [145] After killing Agis of the North, Gaia the Fist, and Theos the Stargazer, Kassandra returned to see Ide. After she asked him many favors, like killed the Tempest or joined her crew, Aiantides refused. After plying him with wine, she discovered that the woman went to Asklepios Temple in Argolis to save her son. In the game, their … Assured that Phoibe was alright, Kassandra then traveled to Sami to locate Duris and collect her debt. The heteara accepted to give information on Myrrine if Kassandra helped her to kill the Monger, a member of the Cult who forced the hetaerae of the city to pay him. [14], When she got older, Kassandra forged a career as a mercenary under the tutelage of such men as Photios[15] and Heitor,[16] and acquired misthios as her nickname on the island. He then left while his guards attacked Kassandra in her cell. Her name could also be a reference to the Trojan princess who was given the power of foresight by Apollo, but when she rejected him, he cursed these visions so that they would come true, but she wouldn't be believed (this is known as the "Cassandra metaphor", in which a figure with knowledge of the truth and/or upcoming disasters is ignored). As they discussed their plan to recover Orontas ships, guards of the Ancients arrived. Kassandra attempted to free one of the Master's slaves, and the Master agreed, if Kassandra killed a woman. [citation needed], Kassandra set up home within the Ancient Ruins of Kranioi on the western coast of Kephallonia, far from other people. [128] In the region of Pephka, she met Leiandros who claimed she could fight the Minotaur and gain a large sum of drachmae. The Archon decided to go to Sparta after the conflict with Paros was over. Kassandra and Darius awaited him and killed the Conspirator. Mercenary … [89] With that, the popularity of Kleon decreased and he was forced to fight the Spartans led by Brasidas in Amphipolis to regain some reputation. She was a no-nonsense badass who was as witty as she was deadly. Later, Kassandra met again in Darius' hideout where she saw the old man and his son prepared their leaving as they knew that Amorges will track them after the death of Pactyas. In his camp, she found a note on Echion, the Ancient who hired Hylas. To find the traitor, he tested the members with the Pyramid: his hand on one face, the accused's on another. In the cave was the Cyclops Brontes, who killed Empedokles. The boy showed to Kassandra the entrance under the palace. With the staff, she no longer required food or water as the staff sustained her needs. [126], Traveling around Greece, Kassandra tracked the members of the Worshippers of the Bloodline. The actor voiced several different NPCs in Origins, from random background characters to quest givers. Kassandra dual-wielding a sword and the Broken Spear of Leonidas. However, Kassandra survived the fall and escaped to the beach with the spear. He agreed the Monger had to be killed, but stealthily. Plus, its novelization added a bit of extra insight into the character. With that in mind, here are some important facts about the famed Eagle Bearer. [122] Investigating, she discovered that the leader of the Hephaistos Islands and Cultist Iobates poisoned him as he knew about his plan to create an army of ferocious mercenaries with the athletes of Thasos. [7] While training in the woods near Sparta as a child, Kassandra was presented with the broken Spear of Leonidas, an Isu weapon, as an heirloom by her mother. On a shipwreck, she found on a corpse a manifest indicating that the Broker was Sophos, a wealthy shipwright of Patrai who funded the Ancients. Kassandra returned to the Adrestia to tell to Herodotos what she saw and they began their trip to Athens. Kassandra would later gain a younger brother, Alexios. Kassandra took from its body a glowing feather which turned in a metallic sphere and the creature took the form of a decayed human corpse. 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Returning on the battlefield Kassandra didn't find the body of Alexios. When Kassandra saw the Pyramid, she destroyed it with the Spear of Leonidas before leaving the place. As she saw Phoibe being followed by guards of the Cult, she ran to save her but when she finished the fight the young girl was already dead. Yet in the novelization, she found Ikaros' egg when she was just a child, and the two grew up together. Species [27], With the mask and the robe, Kassandra went to the meeting of the Cult in the Sanctuary of Kosmos. In doing so, she discovered that Markos had bought his vineyard with money he borrowed from the Cyclops. The first time players hear the word Malaka in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is when Alexios or Kassandra first hear about what Markos, a close friend of sorts, has done. When she was a little girl, Kassandra cut the fingers off a bully who threw a rock at Ikaros. Unfortunately, when it comes to these player-driven moments, the book is usually considered canon. [47] To thank her, Anthousa told to Kassandra that she sheltered Myrrine, who later left Korinth after winning a ship, the Siren Song. She explained that she lost control of the Cult over Deimos and that she was against the goals of the other members as the War began to be out of control. When she recovered the key, she discovered that was another medallion key. Before her mother departure, Kassandra promised to join them in Arkadia. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. [158] As of January 2019, one-third of Odyssey players have chosen Kassandra as the protagonist. Ubisoft was clearly happy with her work as they approached her to audition for Kassandra. As a baby, Myrrine brought Kassandra to the acting Pythia, who proclaimed that the child showed a lot of promise. Her long life span was due to the magical Staff of Hermes Trismegistus, which kept her young for over 2000 years. [53] Kassandra began a partnership with Xenia for finding treasures with maps that the pirate gave to her. Trained from a young age to fight as a Spartan, Kassandra was a highly skilled warrior capable of defeating multiple opponents simultaneously. [107] There, they found the Petrified Temple closed. As they met Natakas, he informed them that the Ancients captured civilians and imprisoned them in the Teichos of Herakles. She paid respect to the petrified Bryce before leaving the Temple. He has a degree in Film and Television studies and is now a freelance writer. Brasidas explained to Kassandra that he was there to stop the Monger crimes as Korinth was an ally of Sparta. [34] After giving some oil to Alkibiades, he advised Kassandra to search for the Spartan woman in Korinth and speak with the influential hetaera Anthousa. Kassandra's voice actor is Melissanthi Mahut. Like the Daughters of Artemis, Kassandra could also tame a variety of wild animals to fight with her. During the meeting, Kassandra learned that the Cult had infiltrated virtually all of Greek society: economy, religion, politics, arts, and sports. [60] Kassandra also stopped the propaganda against her mother made by the artist Lichas, who was paid by Silanos. There, the mysterious man explained everything: he was Darius, the man who assassinated the king Xerxes I of Persia three decades ago. [8], In May 431 BCE, Kassandra and Herodotos arrived in Athens, which was besieged by the Spartans. Kassandra tried to tell him the truth but his indoctrination by the Cult was too strong and he left his sister with a threat to stay out of his way. [88] In the process, Kassandra killed the Cultist Rhexenor. [76] She killed Drakon[77] and Nesaia. Kassandra and Myrrine killed the invaders with the help of Timo and Hektor. [127] She helped her but discovered that she was a member of the Cult who wanted to kill her twin sister Eritha to become the High priestess of Aphrodite. Here are some things that fans need to know about her. Kassandra is the protagonist of the novel adaption of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, making her canon in the world of Assassin's Creed. She found the mercenary and killed him. The game claims that Kassandra's long lost father, Pythagoras, sent the bird to protect his daughter. [48] She helped Damalis and Erinna against the Monger's men. On his body, she found a letter from the Ghost which proved that the leader of the Cult organized the death of Perikles and asked Kleon to unite the Greek cities under its control. close. Myrrine wanted him dead while Brasidas suspected that the Cult had forced Lagos' hand. Inside, she found a mold corresponding to the spear and using the shard she took from the Pyramid, she upgraded the weapon. The female character, Kassandra… Chrysis, the priestess of Hera forced Mydon to cut out his tongue to prevent him to speak about the Spartan woman and her child. close. He explained that he had the key of the Labyrinth but that Ardos stole it. Kassandra was able to competently wield a variety of weapon types, including swords, bows, spears, and axes. On her body, she found proof that the Ghost influenced Athenian politics. In a desperate move, he feinted towards his mother with a blade, forcing Kassandra to kill him. Finally, in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Kassandra was supposed to be the only playable lead in the game, according to four people who worked on the game, but that idea was rejected and … Best: The Armor Of The Fallen Set. [85] Together with Aristophanes, Alkibiades, Herodotos and Hippokrates they formed the Periklean Circle, a group dedicated to dimish the power of Kleon and bring back Democracy in Athens. Yes, the design team envisioned the badass warrior as being the only protagonist of the title. [55] Going to see Perikles, she learnt from Aspasia that he was also ill. As she was being beaten by the boy's brothers, Kassandra was saved by a neighbor girl, Anais. Kassandra is one of two selectable protagonists in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, alongside Alexios. Kassandra fought the giant and killed him. The masked man fled but left a message where it was written that the Huntsman waited in the forest. [130] With all the fragments of the Cultists, Kassandra upgraded the Spear of Leonidas to its maximum. As she asked to met the general, Stentor hired her as a mercenary to fight the Athenians in the region due to the Peloponnesian War. Or is it? A skilled freerunner, Kassandra was able to scale the statue of Athena in Athens as well as natural elements with relative ease. [5] As Naxos and Paros were at war, Kassandra helped her mother to defend the island and weaken the power of Silanos, Paros' obligarch. [143] In the forest, she saw the Huntsman, who was the masked man in the Swamps of Thermes. Kassandra killed Okytos in Attika. During the 5th century BCE, some such individuals were recognized by the greater human population and believed to be direct descendants of the gods.1 Because of this, individuals like Kassandra … Born There, the two touched the Spear of Leonidas and relived the king's last memory during the battle. After their victory, Stentor dueled Kassandra for avenging Nikolaos' death. Kassandra He finished saying that the world needed her and she saw a last vision from a distant future of her passing the Staff to another woman. As Barnabas supposed he was poisoned, Kassandra investigated the case. Kassandra was condemned as a traitor to Sparta by the ephors, who urged Nikolaos to execute her immediately. Although, it wasn't the first time those tones had been heard in an Assassin's Creed game. [92], After the tragedy of losing her brother, Kassandra organized a dinner in her old house with her mother, Nikolaos and Stentor. Regardless of who the player chooses, the two protagonists share the same story. [154], Kassandra received a letter from Aiantides, who wanted to thank her for killing the Huntsman. Myrrine was shocked as Sparta always resisted the Cult. It was cool to see a major franchise include some LGBTQA+ scenes. Refusing to be found by the Spartans, Kassandra fled out to the open sea in a boat, with an eagle following her. It's a much darker and more heart-breaking end to the adventure. [132], During her odyssey, Kassandra received a letter inviting her to go to Potidaia in Makedonia as a huge force attacked civilians. Kassandra decided once again to join the father and the son in their fight against the Order. The two promised to reunite in Lakonia. As the priestess of Hera kidnapped another baby, Kassandra confronted her. However, after playing through the three-hour opening of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey nearly seven times for you (and continuing to play over a dozen hours on a separate save) I can confirm that both Kassandra and Alexios are distinct, compelling, and valid protagonists. Disturbed, Deimos decided to let Kassandra go and accused Epiktetos as the traitor, killing him against the pyramid. [140] Kassandra hunted the wolves of the Huntsman who attacked civilians near Amphipolis. She is voiced by Melissanthi Mahut who also provides the motion-capture. Although raised by her step-father, Nikolaos, Kassandra was the biological daughter of Pythagoras. Kassandra decided to let him go even if Aiantides still claimed he had to redeem his honor. She explained to Kassandra that she lost her lover Ligeia during their hunt of the creature. She killed Phratagounè who kept the beasts of the Huntsman. In his affairs, she found a letter of the Ghost which explained that it wanted to create a new era. Kassandra later helped Drucilla to deal with her stolen lumber problem[18] in exchange for having her bow fixed. During her travels as a mercenary, Kassandra came into conflict with the secretive Cult of Kosmos, an organization intent on controlling the entire Greek world. As she confronted her brother, the duel was short as Alexios was hit in the back by an arrow shot by Kleon who targeted Kassandra. While never shown, it is assumed she could use everything the staff gave to its user, including short range teleportation and energy manipulation and projection. [136], Working with Darius, Kassandra tracked the Conspirator who recruited men for the Order. Kassandra fought the creature and killed it before taking a snake on its head which was in fact the Prize of the Medusa. [54], Returning in Athens during the Autumn 429 BCE, Kassandra witnessed the city being struck by the plague. In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you can choose to play either Alexios (a man) or Kassandra (a woman), two siblings separated from their Spartan parents during childhood. Kassandra's personality is somewhat malleable, but as a mercenary, Kassandra had one prime goal - drachmae. [61], During a symposium, Aspasia warned Myrrine that men were sent to kill her. Pythagoras gave her the half of a medallion of the Isu and advised her to go to Boeotia to meet his ally Gorgias. After killing the monster, she broke one of his horns which transformed into the spherical artifact like the ones before it. Finding out he was a Cultist she killed him. While trying to become the new champion of Pephka Arena, she dueled and killed Belos, the Beast of Sparta. It is rare for a game to give you the option to play as a female, but this … In exchange for helping Markos to collect his debt, Kassandra convinced him to give her a horse, which she named Phobos. As he wanted to quit the Cult, the Swordfish attacked Kassandra but he was killed. As questionable as the reasoning was, it did end up giving players an added level of customization. When it was Kassandra's turn, the two saw memories of their childhood. Evie Frye (Assassin's Creed Syndicate) Unlike the other games in the franchise, Assassin’s Creed … Archidamos tasked her to conquer Boeotia while Pausanias demanded her to escort the champion Testikles to Elis and assured the victory of Sparta during the Olympic Games. [36] She found another member of the Cult in Attika, the Master, who mistreated his slaves. They first went to their old home to take it back but Brasidas informed them that the city claimed it after Nikolaos' disappearance. When they entered in the temple, they saw Deimos killed Perikles. [65], After that, Kassandra asked Pythagoras how they will seal the Atlantis. However, the novelization of the video game confirms that Kassandra is the canonical protagonist. Via the note correspondence, she discovered that the Ghost used religion to manipulate the Greek population. [44] Going to interrogate Mydon, Kassandra surprised him with his lover and slave. The Ancient flew in a cave where Kassandra tracked him and mortally wounding him.